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Your own delivery fleet when you need it.

Your same-day delivery partner

ZITICITY is a perfect solution for any business that needs to deliver items to its customers on the same-day or even same-hour. We can deliver food, parcels, flowers, documents - anything you want to be transported in the same city.
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    Fast delivery in less than 30 minutes with special thermally insulated delivery bags to keep food warm.
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    Same-day delivery precisely matched with your customer’s time preference - 60-minute delivery windows.
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    Office needs

    From documents to forgotten items. We guarantee a secure and urgent package delivery for your business.
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    Flower shops

    With great care and a warm smile, we will deliver the flowers to your customers in less than an hour.
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    Grocery stores

    Groceries delivered in special thermally insulated bags to your customer’s door in an hour with great care.
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Happy partners
  • DPD
  • Telia
  • Lėkštė.lt
  • Vynoteka
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  • Sushi City

Start delivering in 3 steps

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    Create your account

    Take a few steps to fill in your business details to start delivering. Registration takes just 40 seconds.
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    Create an order

    Use our simple self-service dashboard to create the first order or integrate ZITICITY straight into your website.
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    Get it delivered

    Once you place an order, it will be picked up and delivered by a Zitter immediately or at a scheduled time.

Automate your deliveries

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