Dedicated courier services. What? Why? When?

A bunch of friends are anticipating your just-out-of-the-oven pizza to begin a movie night. An urgent document needs to reach your partner ASAP to kick off with a project. A mesmerising bouquet is ready to be sent for a birthday lady. What do these situations have in common? TIME, URGENCY and GUARANTEED DELIVERY. 

It is easy to handle the situation when all is calm; all is bright. As a registered business, you can place a standard delivery order, and a ZITICITY courier will come to pick your goods up as soon as possible. The process is usually seamless and simple.

But sometimes circumstances are challenging to predict, and just a standard delivery option is not enough. 

Dedicated courier services: guaranteed direct delivery option

For exceptionally safe and fast deliveries, there is a particular ZITICITY service - dedicated couriers. It is about the speed and full guarantee that any of ZITICITY couriers will come to collect your goods for direct delivery of only your goods instantly. 

Although standard delivery and the delivery done by a dedicated courier are technically the same, the later one comes with several additional privileges you can be sure of:

  • priority courier assignment,
  • guaranteed instant pick-up,
  • direct delivery.

In fact, through this service, you as if rent a courier for a specific period. No matter what the situation is. Even if it is a crazy pre-festive period, big sale days, or a daily peak time. A courier or couriers dedicated for your company (yes, depending on your needs, you can have several couriers assigned for your orders) will be here upon your request.

Standard delivery vs a dedicated courier service

To eliminate any confusion and better understand peculiarities, let’s identify the main differences between a standard ZITICITY delivery option and dedicated courier service. 

To make this comparison more practical and visual, we suggest taking a pizza delivery case. But IMPORTANT!, the dedicated courier service is not limited to food delivery only.

Standard delivery

You run a successful pizzeria daily receiving orders for, for example, 30 pizzas at least.

If you log in to your ZITICITY account and place a standard order for delivery, a ZITICITY courier will definitely come. But you are posed to a certain risk. Why? Mainly because you join the queue and your order is processed in a regular manner

Usually, the courier arrives in 10 minutes and begins delivering your meals ASAP. So, for a quick one-time service, you can use standard delivery option and be sure of a fast service. 

The situation is different when you regularly have many orders that need delivery within a guaranteed time range, as life is unpredictable.

For example, on the morning of a weekday, the standard delivery might be enough. But let’s assume that it is Saturday evening and there is a massive demand for deliveries the moment you want your pizzas to drive out.

Oops. Everyone is highly busy, and possibly you will need to wait a bit. But maybe not.

Dedicated courier

When you get a certain amount of orders per day and need to ensure their instant delivery, a dedicated courier service is the one worth considering. You can count on your dedicated couriers as if they are a part of your company. 

The dedicated courier makes only your deliveries, and after each delivery gets back to an area near your business waiting for the next order.

Even if the city is drowning in traffic and all our couriers are busy. Still, you can place an order, and one or more of your dedicated couriers, depending on delivery volumes, will instantly come upon your request. Whenever you create an order, or whatever big it is.

Also, you have a chance to arrange a specific pick-up time at your restaurant, store or warehouse. Or if your clients need a delivery at a particular hour, this also could be set. Notably, this function also applies to standard delivery.

Again, we want to highlight that, of course, dedicated courier services is a good go not only for restaurants. 

When is it worth going for a dedicated courier?

In fact, it is not worth enabling dedicated services for one-time deliveries, especially of low-risk items. Here standard same-day or next-day delivery service is a perfect fit.

Dedicated couriers are a good go for a more extended period and a certain amount of deliveries. It is primarily suggested for those whose production is fragile or of a time-sensitive nature:

  • ready-made food
  • groceries
  • documents or correspondence
  • flower stores.

Upon your order, we react instantly. A dedicated courier or couriers come on your company’s doorstep to collect the items ASAP or on time arranged in advance.

How to order ZITICITY dedicated courier service?

To begin placing delivery orders for ZITICITY couriers, primarily, you have to create an account by following simple steps at

Right upon creating the account, you will be able to begin using standard ZITICITY delivery options. 

To enable dedicated courier services, therefore, you need to contact our team directly. If you have your ZITICITY account manager reach out to the one; if you are a new client, get in touch via

This service has no fixed or standard rates. The final price is calculated individually and usually depends on the frequency and volumes of deliveries ordered.


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