ZITICITY considers launching countrywide deliveries in Estonia

Within the past half-year, the Lithuanian-born logistics start-up ZITICITY has recorded almost sixfold growth in Estonia. To unlock its services to more Estonian businesses and shoppers, the company is exploring a countrywide delivery launch in the second half of 2021.

Deliveries affordable for all

Trusted by the leading e-commerce players, such as Kaup24,  and restaurant chains, such as My Sushi or PetriPizza, ZITICITY is further strengthening its positions in the delivery industry. Since the end of 2020, the company saw its delivery volumes grow almost x8.

“We have come to the market to challenge traditional parcel delivery companies and create more opportunities for businesses. We offer same-day delivery at standard delivery rates, without extra charge for speed. With the next-day shipping option, we have up to 15% lower prices than other providers. Our goal is to make convenient deliveries affordable for all,” comments Laimonas Noreika, CEO and co-founder of ZITICITY.

Before the pandemic hit, ZITICITY mainly focused on food delivery. Therefore, the new reality created room for the company to adapt its business model and enter the e-commerce segment. Now the share of e-shops comprises nearly 50% of ZITICITY customers in Estonia.

ZITICITY considers countrywide deliveries in Estonia

Today more than ever, fast and flexible delivery service forms the backbone of any business. Shoppers’ expectations for speed and quality of services are extremely high, regardless of the area of living.

“Currently, we operate only in Tallinn. However, frequent customers’ inquiries on deliveries beyond the capital prompt us to explore the possibility of introducing next-day deliveries across entire Estonia in the Q3, 2021”, says L. Noreika.

ZITICITY takes countrywide delivery service as another potential leap for customers. With a countrywide delivery service, merchants could improve their shoppers’ experience and help businesses save up to 20% on their logistics spendings. 

ZITICITY also stands out with its precise delivery times and the possibility for businesses and shoppers to track the delivery progress in real-time. If a receiver is not at home at the moment of delivery, the company guarantees a free of charge second delivery attempt the next day.

“We have already introduced countrywide deliveries in Lithuania, and the results prove the service is in great demand. Getting parcels delivered on the other side of a country already the next day adds value primarily for the e-shops. By trusting delivery service to our couriers, they are free to exploit further growth potential,” explains L. Noreika.

Focus on sustainability

In January 2021, ZITICITY partnered with an Estonian start-up company Vok Bikes and introduced a new delivery vehicle to its fleet - electric cargo bikes. According to L. Noreika, this option is way more efficient than cars or vans in urban environments. Mainly because of better parking capabilities and alternative modes of navigating busy streets. 

“It essential to us that the performance of cargo bikes is free of CO2 emissions. While it is friendly to the environment of our cities, it is also at least three times more efficient than a regular bike. With a cargo e-bike, a courier can easily manage to complete a route of 15-20 addresses, depending on the size of parcels. Until the end of May, we will supplement our delivery fleets in the Baltics with 10 more electric cargo bikes,” comments the CEO and co-founder of ZITICITY.

At the moment, ZITICITY offers its next-gen deliveries in five markets. In 2021, it has begun operations in Latvia and Poland. Shortly, the company aims to become the leader in the home delivery segment.