ZITICITY x Flipdish: boosting business with premium last-mile delivery

A little over a year ago, when the COVID-19 virus took the entire world hostage, restaurants and other food businesses were forced to make a massive pivot from dine-in to strictly catering for takeaway and delivery orders.

While many food outlets had already been using online ordering technology and delivery services before the pandemic hit, countless others were forced to close up shop until necessary changes were introduced to adapt to a newly-evolved market and consumer base. 

As a result, today, it goes without saying: seamless online ordering and fast delivery heavily contribute to a restaurant’s success. Now more than ever, a restaurant’s online presence and website user experience are part and parcel of a restaurant’s storefront, and their selected couriers act as everyday ambassadors of a restaurant’s brand.  For this reason, Flipdish and ZITICITY have partnered to deliver topline last kilometre services.

ZITICITY is one of the fastest-growing logistics start-ups in Europe, enabling food businesses to compete with marketplaces by offering quality express delivery and driver tracking services at extremely attractive and transparent cost pricing. The platform aims to provide quality service, strengthen restaurants brand reputation and support their operations in any way possible. 

Why deliver with ZITICITY?

Seamless customer experience at affordable & fair pricing  

Thanks to our existing partnership and direct integration, our systems interact automatically, allowing for a seamless customer experience from the very first click to the delivery of the meal itself; all you have to do is accept the order. ZITICITY proposes its delivery services at an affordable fixed rate depending on the distance. A much more sustainable option, where restaurants will no longer need to fork over a third of their profits just to provide a delivery service to their customers. 

Stimulate growth by staying in touch with your customers and their data

The most valuable client is a loyal one, and no delivery service should ever hinder your restaurant from encouraging customer loyalty. The ZITICITY and Flipdish partnership enables restaurants to store and manage valuable customer data, allowing restaurants to efficiently respond to ever-evolving customer trends, unlocking further growth potential.  

Unquestionable quality control 

From onboarding to the very last kilometre, ZITICITY  is unwaveringly committed to empowering restaurants’ growth by providing the best possible couriers for the job. The restaurant can contact the courier and vice versa at any given moment because they understand the importance of the role trusted upon them as sole physical contact throughout the delivery process and experience.    

Real-time monitoring

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, ZITICITY enables restaurants and their clients to keep track of delivery drivers’ arrival in real-time via a geo-localised dashboard link sent once a delivery order has been placed. 

Quick & easy set-up

Setting up integrated delivery via ZITICITY on your online ordering platform powered by Flipdish is super easy. To get started with delivery via ZITICITY, please contact your dedicated customer success manager today, and Flipdish will take care of the rest. Grow your online food business and diversify your services by catering to a booming consumer trend.

Madame Fernandez, Gérante, Ebisu Paris “I’m extremely satisfied with ZITICITY’s delivery service, the drivers are very polite, always correctly equipped and they handle our orders with care. We’ve also had great feedback from our Customers”.

If you start delivering through the ZITICITY platform before the 8th May, 2021, you can benefit from 20 deliveries for free*.

*on the condition that you work with ZITICITY at least for one year