Fast evening deliveries: the great potential unlocked

The potential of the “out of the business hours” deliveries is enormous. And it is getting far bigger than just a niche. Why? Because shoppers love getting their parcels delivered at the doorstep of their homes, don’t they? 

According to the Metapack Delivery Benchmark Report 2021, 82% of respondents prefer home delivery rather than collecting parcels from the store, pick-up points or lockers.

Since most people at least partially return to offices and active lifestyle, there came a need to advance home deliveries further and tailor them to new standards. Hence, we decided to double down on evening deliveries from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Evening delivery benefits

Evening parcel deliveries is something  that many traditional courier companies are not doing. But the demand from consumers is here. A convenient evening delivery option might become a decisive factor at the checkout for shoppers. Everyone loves convenience!

During pre-vaccine times, a lot of shoppers were at home all day long and flexible towards the delivery time. Now things are changing fast. Shoppers spend their days away from home working or doing other activities. Who has time to sit at home and wait for a courier?

By talking to recipients and listening to their pain points, we at ZITICITY decided to address a growing need for evening deliveries. 

What does it mean for merchants?

Metapack Delivery Benchmark Report indicates that right delivery options can help drive up to 38% more in conversions. And an evening delivery option would come as an appealing to shoppers, no doubts.

Also, later deliveries enable merchants to better organize their workflow and have more time to prepare the orders out for delivery.

Additionally, evening deliveries reduce the share of failed delivery attempts (due to recipients not being at home). This translates into a better shopper experience, lower total shipping costs and less carbon emissions.

What does it mean for shoppers?

First of all, any online orders placed until midnight are delivered the following evening. Isn’t it fast and convenient? 

Furthermore, it is all about the certainty over the delivery time. It is good to know that the order will come to the doorstep when one is available to take it.

Nevertheless, we all know that life happens, and plans do change. Or evening deliveries might not work not for everyone. In those cases, there is a solution - delivery management via the ZITICITY app. 

Shoppers can adjust their delivery time and address right in the app. Want to get parcels in the daytime? No problem. Wish to delay delivery to the next evening? We have you covered.

It is all about the seamless experience and good service. Shopping does not end with a purchase at the checkout. 


Fast evening delivery

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