How to pack items for a last-mile delivery?

Packaging is a huge part of the product in general. We are not talking about the design of the label and content of the product. We are one step forward - packaging of the product for a delivery. Proper packing is as important as the content of the delivery. Sometimes it is even more important because poor packaging can damage a great product.

Basically, great packaging is the first impression of the delivered products and it can encourage the customer to repeat purchasing. Here at ZITICITY, we do not care how you will pack the delivery as our couriers will deliver in the safest way possible. However, we would like to share some tips on deliveries packaging.

Outer packing

Once you are deciding where to put an item, consider its weight, size and shape, and value and fragility.

  • Bag is good for light, non-fragile items such as clothes.
  • Small single-layered cardboard box works for smaller items
  • Larger double or even triple-layered box is suitable for heavier, larger and more fragile products

Thus non-fragile products can be packed without proper inner packing, it is a must for more fragile items. If your package contains of few items, they can move around and bump into each other, so you should pack them separately inside the box. Adding a cushioning and filling will help from bumping no matter how the box will be placed.

Inner packing

Depending on the product that needs to be packed, choose the inner packing material.

  • Packaging tissue paper is mostly used to fill boxes with lightweight items such as clothes
  • Packing peanuts are used to prevent damage to fragile objects
  • Cardboard inserts work best for items with obvious forms
  • Crumpled paper is used to fill spare spaces so you can use it for any package
  • Styrofoam inserts work best for electronics and heavy items
  • Bubble wrap is usually used to pack fragile, glass-made objects

No matter the material you will choose, the primary thing about cushioning and filling - do not overstuff the box. Overfilled boxes could burst during deliveries even if you have chosen the best box and the best sealing tape.

Sealing Material

There are many sealing tapes. You can choose any of those. There are two things to remember when thinking about sealing the package. First is how wide the tape and if it will hold the package sealed. The tape should be 40-50 mm wide. The second thing - the correct sealing method. H-tapping method keeps all box’s corners shut so none of its content will drop out during the delivery. Centre and edge seams should have enough tape from both sides of the box.

Unboxing - pleasing the customer

Besides safety and security, great packaging is a way for the first impression. It can leave your customer speechless and pleased. Could you imagine that 70% of customers form impressions on brands based solely on packaging? 55% of online customers say that they will purchase from those websites again if their products come in customized packaging. Additionally, 30% of businesses report that their revenue increased once they improved the product package. Percents say a lot, but unique packaging can give you immeasurable value as well - your brand can stand out in the competition and be seen as a brand differentiator.

Thus we have asked our partners Douglas to share some tips on extraordinary unboxing experience and they delivered a few cherries for your pie:

  • Branded box. Invest in getting a custom made branded box. It will much more resource-efficient than putting stickers on your packaging by hand and it raises a desire for your customer to open the box straight away.
  • Product care tips. Information about the product directly from the manufacturer is a must in any package. The customer will only feel satisfied with the product if it will work as wanted.
  • Personal note. Thank a customer for making this purchase. Lead them back to the website to read more about the product or write who to call if something is missing in the box.
  • A small gift. It can be anything - a free sample, a branded pen, or a postcard. Anything that will bring a smile to your customer’s face.
  • Cherry on the top. Your out-of-the-box ideas should be placed in the box to make unboxing experience extraordinary. We love playing with smells and it surprises clients a lot!