Last-mile delivery: process deconstructed

Consumers’ shopping behaviour had been changing through the years. However, the most significant shift has come during the pandemic of coronavirus. 

So has changed the retail business, which also dragged down the logistics sector. Let’s discuss more about the innovative last-time delivery options in the market. 

What is last-mile delivery? 

On a product's journey from a manufacturer to the customer’s doorstep, last-mile delivery is the final step of the long delivery process. Its primary aim is to reach the end-user as soon as possible. The entire journey is shown below. 

Last-mile delivery is the most expensive and the most time-consuming part of the entire logistics process. Also, it comprises 53% of all logistics costs. According to Business Insider, usually the costs of last-mile delivery increase because of consumers always expecting free delivery

Although the price plays one of the key roles when deciding upon a delivery option, other reasons are also important. 

  • 66% of millennial shoppers say that they want e-commerce companies to provide the 1-hour delivery option in metropolitan cities
  • 90% of the shoppers track the delivery status of their package and want their delivery to fit seamlessly with their schedule.
  • 29% of the shoppers have changed the delivery time and location of their package. Furthermore, 50% would like to opt for it if such an option is available.

Innovation in the last-mile delivery system is the key

Usually, delivery preferences depend on the items purchased. Some goods might travel to a shopper longer, while others need to be delivered immediately because of their sensitive nature. Now customers expect almost everything to be delivered ASAP.

To enable flexible last-mile deliveries in e-commerce and satisfy customers’ expectations, some logistics companies have accordingly adapted their business models and took advantage of the gig economy. For last-mile deliveries, innovation is the key.

Combining the technology and the gig economy model proved to be especially effective in the food delivery segment. Here at ZITICITY, we also confirm that the same path is worth a go with e-commerce.

Such customisable logistics solutions enable business to rely on a delivery partner as if it is a part of their business. A vast pool of couriers allows such platforms to immediately assign an available courier or be at the client’s service upon the request.

In the meantime, the online stores can focus on enhancing their operational efficiencies and benefit from higher sales volumes. The advantage of not centring activities around the logistics provider might serve your e-commerce business as a golden growth opportunity.

Choose delivery option by its speed and timing

Yet another apparent reason to offer different delivery options at your e-commerce store - different delivery times. None of e-commerce stores have this luxury to understand their customers’ behaviour fully. It means that a store has to give as many options as possible to please its customers. 

According to our recent study in Lithuania, 34% of online shoppers have decided not to buy an item due to extended delivery times. This is the only significant reason why your store can lose clients, so provide more options, as you never know why exactly a person buys at your store. If it is a forgotten gift, a customer needs it instantly. If it is a planned purchase, usually a person can wait. Allow them to choose

Additional values of delivery options

The innovative last-mile delivery solutions ease the life of e-commerce stores’ owners by providing additional values. And once again - possibility to choose

First of all, one of the main pain points of any parcel receiver - you never know when exactly your parcel will be delivered. ZITICITY provides real-time tracking for both the store and its customers. 

Even if the person is not at home, ZITICITY provides a free of charge second attempt to deliver the parcel. 

When using ZITICITY, you can choose when you want a courier to come and pick the items to be delivered. If your items need extra safety (such as the diamonds we delivered between jewellery specialists), you can even order additional parcel insurance. 

By the way, logistics solutions can also be helpful for e-commerce payments. Sounds crazy, yes? It is another opportunity to offer to your customers - payment on delivery

How does ZITICITY platform work? 

After countless doubts, there are no more - traditional delivery options cannot compete with current innovations. ZITICITY platform is easy to use for e-commerce stores, the app is friendly for couriers wanting to earn, and delivery time is always precise for the end-user. 

Follow simple steps to use ZITICITY platform: 

  1. Register on ZITICITY website
  2. Fill the pick-up and delivery addresses
  3. Add your credit card
  4. Wait for a courier to come and pick a package
  5. Follow the courier’s route via the link sent by SMS

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