Three ways to handle restaurants’ logistics

Restaurant industry is constantly fluctuating. Some seasons are good, the others are terrible. 2020 has been the year of big challenges, and all food industries had to adapt to it.

Many options have been previously discussed in our guide “How to make COVID-19 effectively work for your restaurant business?”. This time we want to dig deeper into a less covered topic - delivery options for the food industry. 

How to deliver your restaurant food? 

Your restaurant food can be delivered to your customers in many ways. Let us compare the three most popular ones - food delivery apps, ZITICITY and own employed couriers. 

First of all, each model of delivery has a different pricing model. When a restaurant uses food delivery apps (such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Wolt), it pays commissions from revenue and service fees. 

Having their own courier, in turn, makes a restaurant pay one's salary even if there is no work, no deliveries to do. 

Whereas using ZITICITY, a restaurant pays only for deliveries done with no additional fees. 

The second difference is process ownership. Why do you want to compete with many other different restaurants within the food delivery app? Why do you trust others to advertise you and bring you revenue? There are many different restaurant options in food delivery apps, and your restaurant will not get the most attention. Therefore, we always recommend restaurants being their success owners and take full responsibility for getting their clients. 

This leads to another aspect - customer data - that is crucial, too. Who manages data of a customer -a restaurant or delivery provider? 

When a restaurant gives deliveries to food delivery apps, customer data is not shared with the restaurant. That is why we suggest restaurants separating operations: have their own website with an ordering system and choose a delivery provider.

Another thing to consider - when your clients eat. Can your couriers or partners deliver on that time? Of course, everything depends on the conditions, but the employed couriers want to have office hours, not deliver on evenings or weekends. While weekends usually generate the most revenue for the restaurant. 

Do not forget to answer yourself other questions to make a more suitable decision:

  • Do you want to promote yourself to YOUR customer?
  • Do you want to let your customers schedule their orders in advance, so you can plan your operations?
  • Do you want to collect payment in cash or by card during the delivery? 

If you got three YES, then you already know what to do. :)

How to use ZITICITY? 

The very first question before using ZITICITY is… How to use it? It is natural when ZITICITY is a delivery platform where businesses can assign orders to couriers to deliver. This is quite an innovative way in the delivery industry. 

ZITICITY couriers can deliver anything by getting orders through the app. Any business or an ordinary person can fill addresses and have their parcel, box, food, flowers or anything else delivered by a courier. 

Do you want to order delivery?

  1. Register on ZITICITY website
  2. Fill addresses for pick-up and delivery 
  3. Attach your credit card
  4. Wait for a courier to come 
  5. Follow the courier route via the link sent by SMS

ZITICITY for fast delivery

You cook, we deliver.