ZITICITY decreases delivery prices in the city during quarantine

During the coronavirus outbreak, traders are looking for ways to quickly move from physical stores to e-commerce to save their businesses. Once e-shop is launched, there is a need for the delivery of goods, which was not so relevant only in the case of physical trade. Delivery using couriers in the city is the fastest way to reach your customers. ZITICITY received a particularly large number of inquiries from various businesses seeking help. To help local businesses survive, ZITICITY decreases delivery service prices for quarantine periods.

“With the announcement of quarantine, safety has become the first priority in our business. We introduced contactless delivery to customers, couriers were provided with safety measures. Together with the Enterprise Lithuania initiative “Internete karantino nėra”, we announced special offers for businesses that are just starting e-commerce” says Laimonas Noreika, CEO of ZITICITY.

Until now, ZITICITY has had dynamic prices that consisted of a fixed pick-up fee and a distance price. In response to business requests due to the difficult situation, ZITICITY introduces lower fixed prices during this period.

  • ZITICITY Economic delivery will cost from 1.99 Eur + VAT. Both pick-up and delivery fees are already included in the price. Economic delivery is the most suitable for e-commerce companies - it is agreed to pick up all items once per day and deliver it to recipients during the rest of the day.
  • ZITICITY Express delivery will cost 3.99 Eur + VAT. Both pick-up and delivery fees are already included in the price. During Express delivery, the courier arrives when the business needs it and delivers the goods to the recipient as soon as possible, usually within an hour. This method is mostly used by restaurants, cafes, and flower shops.

"Quarantine has hit hard not only businesses but all workers in general. More than 100 couriers have already joined ZITICITY, and an additional 500 of them are waiting to deliver goods in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda. We’ve created a platform where businesses place their delivery orders and people, who want to make additional money, can make deliveries. We know that such a model works in other countries and is especially needed in Lithuania. We want more businesses and more couriers to be able to earn, which is why we have reduced prices during this period” adds Laimonas Noreika.