ZITICITY to hand over delivery management to consumers

A couple of years ago, ‘need for speed’ was just the name of a video game. Nowadays, though, the need for [more & more] speed is the way we live. Welcome to the age of immediacy.

As consumers today, we are demanding and impatient more than ever. Just take a second to reflect. Several years ago, it was absolutely fine to wait for a parcel for up to a week, wasn’t it? And we didn’t have that strong urge to follow its real-time progress. It was enough to know that someday it will arrive. 

What do we have now? We wait for a courier to appear at our doorstep ASAP. No less, we want to track our parcel at any given minute. Let’s admit, quite a dynamic shift.

So no wonder that massive online penetration and high customer expectations leave companies no other choice but to incorporate advanced delivery cultures. 

Tech-powered delivery: real-time transparency

A tech-enabled ZITICITY was born out of personal frustration over too long delivery times. Why should shoppers wait for days if they can receive items on the same day? Especially from the e-shop located, let’s say, 3 km away.

However, with a speedy delivery service instantly came the demand for following its progress in real-time. So what is real-time delivery tracking? It’s one of the core ZITICITY delivery features enabling to track and trace a parcel from the moment a courier picks it up from a merchant until it is handed over to a shopper.

Ecommerce Delivery Benchmark Report 2021 indicates that 86% of consumers consider tracking important or very important.

As consumers

we are busy around the clock, so up-to-the-minute precision to fit courier’s visits into our schedules is critical. With real-time tracking, we primarily get transparency and accuracy in time estimation.

One more value-add of live delivery tracking is certainty about the products purchased. Even 50% of participants of research done by Metapack revealed that the necessity for tracking highly depends on the value of a product. And this is reasonable.

We pay online for the things we can't physically touch, so the tracking feature allows us to stay on the pulse, knowing that our parcel exists and is on the way. Again, instant gratification takes the lead.

As a merchant

you also benefit in multiple ways. First of all, you stay sure about the safety of your parcels and minimise the risk of your products being lost, stolen, or misplaced.

The most stable currency in business is accurate data. So real-time tracking is essential for the delivery company itself and you as a merchant to collect insights and optimise operations. And, of course, enjoying proper transparency in the logistics partner’s services is imperative.

But, primarily with the real-time tracking option, you as a merchant receive access to the “boost customer’s satisfaction” button. So when your clients are surprised and pleased with the experience they got, they are more willing to repeat it. 

Ultimate customer delight: individual delivery management

In any area, customer experience is a front-and-centre focus, isn’t it? We’ve already concluded that quick delivery with real-time monitoring is the key. But how often it happens that our plans change in a blink of an eye. Then speedy delivery becomes a headache rather than a benefit. This is why no less critical functionality is convenient delivery management.

By altering our approaches constantly, we are finally coming with a new solution. And now it would be possible for shoppers to personalise their ZITICITY deliveries as well. ​​Via a robust ZITICITY mobile app, the consumers would be able to monitor the current delivery progress and control the courier's arrival time and destination.

For consumers

such a possibility will open up an advanced level of shopping experience. From now on, the shoppers choosing a ZITICITY delivery option and using our mobile app would be entitled to:

 follow delivery progress in real-time;

 choose the preferred delivery time slot: daytime (9 am - 5 pm), evening (6 pm - 10 pm) and anytime (10 am - 10 pm);

 easily change delivery address without the stress of contacting support. However, it is essential to note that very last-minute address edits can impact delivery time;

 for countrywide deliveries, modify the address within a city or redirect your parcel to another part of the country.

For merchants

it will mainly add to excellent service while keeping the expenses under control. Or even saving! 

First of all, we will take on the burden of responsibility for all your parcels and take over communication with your customers regarding delivery matters. As a result, you will no longer need to dedicate additional resources and act as an intermediary between your clients and our team. 

This way, we will ensure that your customers receive all the necessary support within several minutes and guidance through the features of our freshly-baked mobile app.

The strength of any tech solution lies in its flexibility, doesn't it? As long as it can be adapted to constantly changing consumers’ needs, it creates opportunities. And we’ve come to challenge long-standers and ace the delivery game.