ZITICITY says goodbye 💔

Dear friends,

We founded ZITICITY four years ago with a vision to build much faster deliveries for e-commerce. A delivery that would enable consumers to receive their online orders on the same day, within 3 hours or even within 30 minutes!

So we made it possible! Our services were especially needed in time of the covid-19 pandemic. We delivered over a million orders to people during lock-down!

Sadly, regardless of earlier growth, this year's business environment is unfavorable for us.

Quality logistic services requires infrastructure - warehouses, special equipment, cars, and a large team of couriers. That requires significant capital investments with a long-term payback. And this year, due to changes in market sentiment, we couldn't secure adequate funding.

We exhausted all options to continue the service - optimization, cost reduction and a sale to a strategic buyer. Despite all the efforts - we have to make a painful decision to close the company 💔

This is the timeline of how the process will go on:

  • Parcel collection from e-commerce companies will be until August 10th
  • Delivery to home and express services will be available until August 11th
  • Any undelivered shipments will be returned to senders until August 21st
  • Invoices will be issued no later than August 22nd
  • Self-service dashboard will be accessible until September 30th

We are extremely grateful to our customers who have trusted us during this journey. At the same time, we would like to thank all current and former employees of ZITICITY, as well as courier-partners, who worked with great dedication. Thank you!

We believe that new players will emerge who will carry on with our mission and will fulfill the demand for fast deliveries. We wish them to do better than we did.

Laimonas Noreika, Karolis Januškas, Vytautas Noreika

and the ZITICITY team