Telia chooses ZITICITY for same-day deliveries

What was your motivation to start a partnership with ZITICITY?

We are constantly looking for ways on how to reward our customers with unique services. Our data shows that package delivery speed is playing an increasingly important role in customers' decision-making process. We can clearly state that using ZITICITY we are able to meet our customers' expectations to get packages same-day and, if needed, even faster than in 1-hour. Solutions that enable instant gratification like that are one of the top priorities for our logistics team.

What were your key concerns before starting the partnership with ZITICITY?

The biggest concerns were related to our customers' experience: will packages reach recipients on promised time, whether it will be damaged, and if the courier will be pleasant and professional. After the intense preparation and testing period, we can clearly say that ZITICITY well represents Telia brand while delivering packages to our customers.

How do your customers respond to same-day delivery method?

We are receiving more and more positive feedback, customers are getting even surprised how is it possible to receive a package within such a short period of time.

What do you think about package insurance provided by ZITICITY?

Fast, secure and reliable package delivery is essential to any business. That is why we value package insurance provided by ZITICITY that gives us an opportunity to quickly deliver high-value equipment to our customers.

What are the ways Telia strives to ensure the best customer experience when shopping online?

Customer experience is at the core of our goals strategy. We closely monitor customers needs and constantly seek for solutions how to improve their experience when using our self-service website. Our team quickly reacts to the market needs and strives to continually improve by offering the best package delivery times.

Do you have tips for other e-commerce businesses considering a partnership with ZITICITY?

By partnering with ZITICITY, you will not only get standard parcel delivery service but will also get an opportunity to impress your customers with ultra-fast delivery.

Mindaugas Baranauskas
Head of Logistics Services



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